About mental well-being as something practical

It is crucial to take care of your mental well-being. OK, but is it practical? Sure it is! Sil has enlisted a couple of things why mental well-being is as practical as it gets. The post is spiced with personal stories and tips on why each aspect of the mental well-being of yours should be maintained.

About dealing with being overwhelmed

Being overwhelmed is dealing with the past, the present and the future in the same time. It is a lot to handle, and a lot to be concerned of. It is also messy, scary even at times. What can you do in order to tune down the noise in your head in these times? Our our facilitator, Emőke Kiss wrote some tips, worthy of considering using.

About the power of a perspective-oriented mindset

If there is a superpower that I wish we all possessed, it would be mastering the power of perspective. It is a skill, an ability that has fantastic potential no matter in what area you want to use it. What is perspective? For me is the ability of a person to generate various points ofContinue reading “About the power of a perspective-oriented mindset”

About the impact of mourning on growing up

The weather is lovely right now: I am in a van with my friend, it is raining outside, and the air is carrying the rich perfume of the land, all while we have a fantastic view of the valley, caressed by the zesty spring rain. The colour of this magnificent painting is a vivid greenContinue reading “About the impact of mourning on growing up”

About the underrated importance of mindful communication

When you have a plant and you want to make sure that it has a good time existing in your surrounding you take care to offer an optimal habitat: enough water, nutrition, sun, and moisture, far away from little children or cats, you commit to taking care of it regularly. And the plant thrives. WhenContinue reading “About the underrated importance of mindful communication”

About the transcendental power of acceptance

One can only underestimate the impact of surrendering on one’s life. Being able to surrender is truly transcendental. Let me expand on this. I invite you to explore the thought: the only constant in life is change. For me, this is a fact. How we handle ourselves while facing the ever-present changes in our livesContinue reading “About the transcendental power of acceptance”

About the painful perks of being observant and the game of right & wrong

I consider myself to be an observant person. For a while now I have done my best to be observant in a sustainably ignorant way. Being a person who sees tiny details all around him is fantastic. It is also terribly tiring. Once you start seeing some patterns in the movement of those approximately 30Continue reading “About the painful perks of being observant and the game of right & wrong”

About State Management

I believe the way we manage our state tells us a lot about how we handle change and how we learn as individuals. Let me elaborate on this and please be patient: it gets a bit abstract before it gets simple. During my studies, one of my professors stated, multiple times, that “Our language isContinue reading “About State Management”

About the efficiency of using professional support

Back in 2013 with some close friends, we went to our farmhouse to celebrate the first of May. It was a weekend escapade and we had everything: good food, plenty of drinks, night-long jamming sessions, walking in nature, and doing all sorts of fun activities together with the small group. We also had with usContinue reading “About the efficiency of using professional support”

About the value of vulnerability.

It is a challenge for me just to write about it. It is something so obvious, yet so often ignored, postponed, and explained away. I am talking about expressing what is there, what moves in me at the moment. Not for the sake of sharing, but rather for the sake of my colleagues, my family,Continue reading “About the value of vulnerability.”