Mornings on Perspective 🍃


A place to create perspective and rewire your understanding.

I believe that for us, humans it is crucial to have a perspective on the world. To see and to feel beyond our judgements, beyond our own limited understanding of the world, of others and ourselves. It is quite challenging to create & keep perspective because sometimes we don’t know that we don’t know things, that we are unaware of some phenomena of the world.

There are many ways to widen the understanding of the world, and we believe this podcast is one of the ways. Szilárd’s intention with the Mornings on Perspective 🍃podcast is to create a safe space where you can regularly experience awareness & perspective generating practices, while you have a bit of space to think and to sink in your own life, patterns, challenges and obstacles.

This podcast was created to offer perspective on your work life, your private life and life in general. We don’t know what that means exactly, so let’s explore it together!

Join us in this adventure!
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-23. Mindful Mondays – On the luxury of everyday
-22. MOP – On what is a good decision?
-21. Meditation – Our candy shop adventure
-20. Mindful Mondays – The power of appreciation
-19. MOP – On the life through you
-18. Meditation – Your very own mycelium-network
-17. Mindful Mondays – Resilience = Connection
– 16. MOP – On how to be always happy and other nonsense
– 15. Meditation – The Solar System walk
– 14. Mindful Mondays – On the priceless presence of now
– 13. MOP – On the listening man
– 12. Meditation – The house of memories
– 11. Mindful Mondays – On honesty and the full picture
– 10. MOP – On the “cycle ends with me”
– 9. MOP-Mindful Mondays – Fourth Monday (2023) on the mindful flow of life
– 8. MOP – On the communicative man
– 7. MOP – Mindful Mondays – Third Monday (2023) on the power of acceptance
– 6. MOP – On the humbling kindness of growing up
– 5. MOP – Mindful Mondays – Second Monday (2023) on the easiness of not knowing
– 4. MOP – On honouring our past
– 3. MOP – Mindful Mondays – First Monday (2023)
– 2. MOP – On being alone & the stories we tell
– 1. First episode of Mornings on Perspective – Introduction