Our Programs

Our programs aim for the development and enhancement of sustainable communication, through which change will be recognized, addressed, assessed and used for team growth and flow.


All the programs are designed with a long-term impact in mind, even if you are focusing on short-term goals, or just want to survive by extinguishing “communicational fires” in your team. We believe that no team can truly reach their potential in the long run if there is no acknowledgement of sustainability, care and communication among the people in the team. We take into mindful consideration all these elements when we prepare the programs for you.

Our methodology is based on practice, experience and skills. While working for years in various formats with individuals and groups, we have collected valuable data on what makes an individual resilient in challenging times and a team excelling in performance. Connect 2 Change is meant to give a frame to transfer this practical knowledge into impactful program design and implementation.

Whether we talk about perspective-oriented, solution-focused mindset or state management, efficient communication or impactful cooperation, our methodology is committed to creating measurable down-to-earth workflow and change strategy, that recognizes the individual, acknowledges the goal and creates a sustainable routine based on the traditions of the team. We have created a balanced program structure that is flexible enough so that we can tailor it to your needs but will still be efficient in the C2C way! During the building of our programs, we are using many methodologies and tools, amongst others:

  • Experience Transfer: transforming experiences into practical real-life actions!
  • State Management: state awareness & durable impact detection!
  • Perspective-oriented mindset: there are always more options than appear to be!
  • Human Learning Process: learning process scientifically described!
  • Communication styles: we all communicate, and we can define the how!
  • Feedback Culture: sharing is caring, and the way we do it matters!
  • The Scale of Cooperation: the 3 worlds that define the success of the team!
  • Design Thinking: the process matters and the approach defines the outcome!

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