The painful perks of being observant and the game of right & wrong

I consider myself to be an observant person. For a while now I have done my best to be observant in a sustainably ignorant way. Being a person who sees tiny details all around him is fantastic. It is also terribly tiring. Once you start seeing some patterns in the movement of those approximately 30…

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About State Management

I believe the way we manage our state tells us a lot about how we handle change and how we learn as individuals. Let me elaborate on this and please be patient: it gets a bit abstract before it gets simple. During my studies, one of my professors stated, multiple times, that “Our language is…

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About the efficiency of using professional support

Back in 2013 with some close friends, we went to our farmhouse to celebrate the first of May. It was a weekend escapade and we had everything: good food, plenty of drinks, night-long jamming sessions, walking in nature, and doing all sorts of fun activities together with the small group. We also had with us…

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About the value of vulnerability.

It is a challenge for me just to write about it. It is something so obvious, yet so often ignored, postponed, and explained away. I am talking about expressing what is there, what moves in me at the moment. Not for the sake of sharing, but rather for the sake of my colleagues, my family,…

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