About us

Connect 2 Change is all about caring. Caring enough to accept change
while embracing the constant flow of opportunities in the now.

Our Mission

Our vision is to contribute to the well-being of teams and individuals by nurturing sustainable understanding, life orientation and cooperation-oriented communication. Our commitment is rooted in care: we know, that teams thrive only in environments where the individual is acknowledged, accepted and free to take decisions, and where the team is open for change – since the only inevitable factor in life, we believe is change.

Our Company

The company was inspired by the challenging times brought to us by the Coronavirus in 2020. It was founded at the end of that year and has its mission to bring a new perspective on what is there in the process of change and how to unlock empowerment, sustainable growth & life appreciation (joy, gratitude, connection) through it. Since the company is busy with team coaching, team building, individual counselling and consultancy focusing on sustainable communication, life navigation and cooperation, we at the C2C create an impact through the field of professional non-formal education in the corporate world and in the field of personal development.

Our Trainers & Facilitators

Our trainers and facilitators embrace care towards communication sustainability. They are agents of change, they aim to use the already existing ingredients in your team in order to create a measurable impact through accountability, mindful planning and goal-focused task distribution. They are all experts in experiential education and mindful communication. When we talk about individual guidance, they prioritize the already existing resources and treasures in order to unlock further sustainable growth and development, all this while keeping in mind the all-constant change.

The Founder

SzilĂĄrd Marton has extensive experience as a connection builder, development program designer, facilitator and trainer in various contexts. He is active in the field of non-formal, experience-based education since 2009 and he has invested time and energy to develop his professional skills in non-formal education in a group context.