Participant’s Feedback

For us trust is important. Here is some feedback from people who trusted us while choosing to grow together and connecting to change.

The presence and perseverance of the trainers was a fountain of inspiration. Szil: an inspiration of a professional, a leader and a human. Emőke: a silent powerhouse, a fountain of strength. It is something unique happening in this place. I appreciate the dedication and organisation.”
Artemis, Greece

I love them.”
Betim Ibraimi North Macedonia

I felt the commitment from the instructors’ side. I wish I could have listened more to them on the theory, and explanation. Overall, this team really made me feel safe and made the process trustworthy for me because I believed 100% in them.”
Beatriz, Portugal

I have never met such professional and well-prepared trainers. Is visible that you were always keeping an eye on everything. I had to work sometimes as a facilitator for the NGO and I realize it is so difficult to deliver quality sessions without the experience and pedagogical education you had. This does not work for everyone. Also, I really admire your ability to listen to all of us, understand us, get into our deeper layers and have a meaningful impact on our hearts. Though most of the participants have their layers broken and we cry, you handle the situation with so much care and professionality. This process we went through will remain unforgettable: how you create a safe space and the conditions to happen within a group of strangers is amazing.
Carla Molteni, Argentina

I was explaining to my parents, how quickly the atmosphere felt like home, how caring our trainers were. I’m still thankful that when I had period cramps Szilárd and Emőke were there for me, providing me warm clothes and care.
Ines Koleva, Bulgaria

Sil and Em are the most suitable and capable instructors that I can think of in what they do. The care, professionalism and meraki (google this word because it doesn’t translate) that they exude are unique and inspiring. Sorry, I can’t think of thighs to improve. I just think you are awesome.”
Valentini, Greece

I am very grateful for amazing trainers who showed me a level of connection and care in working with people I have never seen before (and I worked with a lot of professionals who work with people).
Ana Penić, Croatia

They are really professional and I hope I can go to another training course they host.
Boris Manev, North Macedonia

I believe you guys have very high skills in this field of life, even though there was a bunch of us, you managed to give time and knowledge to everyone.”
Davor Toth, Croatia

You’re the best trainers I’ve had so far. Professionals, caring, GENTLE. 💜”
Preslava Petrova, Bulgaria

I really evaluate everything with 5, not because I don’t want to think, but because I think that the facilitators did a fantastic job regarding the training course and I genuinely think that I can’t imagine a way of doing it better. Maybe the only thing that I would do in another way was the things that happened the lake evening because I felt that we were very on our own and had no support at that moment. But in conclusion, I really think that I would like to be in another project with Em and Sil.
Ruben Gonzalez Ortega, Spain

They are incredible, they demonstrate their knowledge at all times not only with moments of theory but also by speaking and knowing how to facilitate activities.”
Kiril Lazarov, Bulgaria

I’m so impressed by all the work you guys put down. Next to the training itself, you are a great inspiration to me 😉
Tim Wettstein, Netherlands

Both of them showed that the things they were teaching us were the things they had tried and understood before us. It was not a teaching, it was a passage of experience, they were giving us the opportunity to have those experiences to have that knowledge. And the most beautiful thing: between them, they were sincere, affectionate, joking, and they knew how to listen to each other, give each other the space and time they needed, supporting each other without encroaching. They were growing together and with us.
Marica Frigerio, Italy

They were cool and motivational. For me, they had the perfect balance between being our trainers, coaches and friends.”
Enikő, Hungary

I know that only positive feedback will seems not true but I really appreciated the caring and the way you express yourself and help us during these days. I wanted you to push me a little bit more outside of my comfort zone.”
Lucrezia Mancino, Italy

I think they are great facilitators and they do tend to see the situations in deep, not just their surface, which really impressed me. They managed to find out every time there was a conflict in the group and asked the right questions.
Gabriela Dureva, Bulgaria

The trainers really show the care that they had in order for us to learn and to become stronger after the program.”
Christina, Greece

All the side discussions that Sil had with us were very useful elements of the program. Most have not been planned, but they hit home. I was observing Sil very closely during activities and discussions, trying to learn as much as possible and wishing to one day serve people in a similar manner. I trusted the team 110% from the beginning to the end and I was not let down.”
Ben, Romania

One of the most professional couples I’ve ever seen, for the first time I felt like I was nothing compared to them and that they are really prepared for their job.”
Andrea Faconi, Italy

Their communication and problem-solving skills are impeccable.
Boglárka, Romania

The trainers were really good. They used a lot of care which felt extremely good. They offered many interesting inputs and helped us elaborate on what we were learning. I’m extremely grateful for their contribution.”
Pauline Gaetano, Italy

“The trainers were wonderful, educated and capable. We learned a lot from them.”
Desislava Jekova, Bulgaria

I’ve been learning so much in the previous days and I cannot say in words how much I’m grateful to our facilitators.”
Andrea Faconi, Italy

“They were amazing, I miss them.”
Dayana, Bulgaria

Awesome job. I would love to attend a course implemented by the same trainers.”
Kate Malakoudi, Greece

“What a couple! I am very grateful.”
Davide, Italy