The Founder

Szilárd Marton has extensive experience as a connection builder, facilitator and trainer in various contexts. He is active in the field of non-formal, experience-based education since 2009 and he has invested extended time and energy to develop his professional skills.

He has a bachelor’s degree in philology and a master’s degree in PR & publicity from the BBU in Cluj. Belonging to the Hungarian minority in Transylvania, Romania, he has realized from an early age that in order for a group to work together efficiently, cooperation has to transcend language, beliefs, cultures and traditions.

He has participated in more than 20 training courses over the years to educate, fine-tune and elevate the knowledge needed in this field on a practical & theoretical level, amongst others in the following topics:

  • non-formal education
  • gamification
  • safety & risk assessment
  • outdoor facilitation
  • efficient & sustainable communication
  • intercultural & intergenerational integration and communication
  • group facilitation
  • use of mindfulness & meditation in group work
  • context-based learning design
  • intercultural communication & awareness
  • workflow optimization
  • systemic coaching

He has worked together with organizations that use various forms of experiential learning methods since 2012 such as Yuppi Camp, Little People, For Camp, and PATRIR, and also abroad as a trainer, mentor, and facilitator at Olde Vechte Foundation (NL), Buitendoor Foundation (NL), INspire (CZ) and ABS (BG).

He is passionate about sustainable group communication, intercultural cooperation, cooperation-oriented team mindset & perspective-oriented individual mindset and he uses tools and methods from the field of state management, mindfulness, and gamification. He is in constant collaboration with Outward Bound Romania (since 2014) and Outward Bound Netherlands (since 2020) as a program designer and trainer. As for the corporate educational environment, he worked together with Committ (TN) in 2020, and now he is one of the translators and international developers of the Scale of Cooperation, continuously enhancing the model together with the Team 4 Teams and Out of Comfort.