Ways of communication

There is no cooperation without good


  • Time: 2-4 h
  • Indoors / Outdoors
  • Facilitated team-building activities
  • Focus: sustainable feedback
  • Dissemination on the spot

Speaking the same language doesn’t guarantee that we also understand each other. This program is there to unravel why does this happen and how can we stay conscious about it. During this 4-8 hour long program the team members will

  • engage in meaningful conversations
  • take part in creative group activities
  • learn the impact of feedback through experience
  • learn about the communication styles
  • discover their communication style
  • learn about the practical aspects of the feedback based on the styles
  • learn to deliver sustainable feedback with awareness to the communication styles

The program contains a practical test that helps each participant to discover her dominant communication style and it is wrapped up with practical transfer to the work environment and hand-outs.

This program is optimal for introducing a team to the underlying layers of sustainable communication and to give a cooperation-boost for the team.

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