Connect 2 Grow program

Growth is rooted in change.
Let’s use it to your benefit!

C2G program

  • Time: 8-10 h
  • Indoors / Outdoors
  • Facilitated team-building activities
  • Focus: team-flow & cooperation
  • Individual survey prior program
  • Practical communication style questionnaire
  • Dissemination on the spot
  • Long term impact survey (3 weeks)

In order to reach top performance, the teams need to cooperate even under pressure. But what does cooperation really means and what are the ways of creating a thriving cooperation culture even under pressure? This is what we will discover together with the team members. While being actively involved in the program, they will

  • engage in meaningful conversations
  • take part in creative group activities
  • learn where the team is on the Scale of Cooperation
  • learn the impact of feedback through experience
  • learn about the actions they have to take as a team
  • discover / rediscover their strength as a team
  • learn about the practical aspects of the feedback based on the Scale of Cooperation
  • learn to communicate with awareness to the Scale of Cooperation

The program contains a practical test that helps the team to understand the dynamics of their group, what they need to do to perform well even under pressure and it is wrapped up with practical transfer to the work environment and hand-outs.

This program is optimal for transcending the team to a new group level, with awareness to sustainable communication and to create a practical experience based learning impact for the team.

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