Program Feedback

For us trust is important, and this is the reason why we want to share some impressions of our programs, written by our participants.

Overall, this team really made me feel safe and made the process trustworthy for me because I believed 100% in them. It was a valuable opportunity for me to grow personally and a wake-up call to pay more attention to myself and don’t live in an unconscious way.”
Beatriz, Portugal

The situations I was put in and the people I met proved to me that I am capable of much more than I thought and that I should be brave enough to go for what I want.
Gabriela Dureva, Bulgaria

Definitely one of my best learning experiences. Challenging process, safety assured. Serious work and learning, also serious fun at times. I appreciate the focus on learning, instead of having an adorable week. Thank you!
Ben Saeednia, Romania

During this training, I felt in touch with my truest and most sincere self and the people around me tried to show their truest side. This gave me a lot of joy and confidence in myself, in the future and in the community. We should trust the truth!
Marica Frigerio, Italy

This program helped me a lot in facing some things I couldn’t face alone, that was stopping me in making progress towards things in life that are important to me.”
Ana Penić, Croatia

The program was very well structured and thought out. Even if I didn’t fully like everything, I understand that there was a purpose for all of them. In general, everything was excellent. The program made me think about and explore a lot of things about myself.”
Toms, Latvia

The most important element was the flexibility and adaptability of the processes based on the needs of the individuals and the group. I really appreciate the personalised approach and planning. The expedition is such a unique tool that for me has the key element to the impact of the program. Also, the presence and perseverance of the trainers was a fountain of inspiration. The light process put so many things in perspective, I never believed that two hours would be so impactful. I could go on and on about everything we experienced here. But I think I can sum everything up by saying that I truly felt that everything was happening and was said in the right order, timewise, with the right words, and most importantly, for the right reasons. I cannot pick up specifics, because for me it was all a complete, compound experience that makes sense only as a whole. I know these experiences are not for everyone, but I will recommend them to everyone I feel that will make the real meaning of this.”
Artemis, Greece

I was struggling to figure out what was happening inside the team and it made me confused but I don’t think I even realise how grateful I am for everything.”
Anna, Hungary

The environment that was created pushed me to open up to people and form connections. The homework we were pressured to do made me dig deeper within myself than I normally would. The theory that was presented to us was timed very well and it taught me how to better approach and solve problems. I felt like each of the trainers had a specific role and they cooperated very well. The program completely reshaped my aspirations in life and provided many great tools for identifying and resolving real problems.”
Audris, Latvia

I learned with all of you, in many different ways. For me, I felt it was a very intensive and important experience. I learned so much, but I believe even more that I have so much that I don’t know, and I’m motivated to have a growth mindset more present.
Teresa, Portugal

I found it liberating because I feel like I managed to free myself from a lot of unsureness.
Boglárka, Romania

It was amazing how I could connect and re-connect with others and nature around me.”
Enikő, Hungary

I felt like I had an adventure for the first time in my life!
Ioana Gabriela Sima, Romania

I would like to say that this training course helped me to understand myself more.
Natasha Dmitrova, Croatia

The track circles and the discussions that are started are enlightening. I loved and appreciated every part of the training, even the ones that I struggled with the most. I feel grateful for each bit and honestly cannot come up with suggestions for improvement. Decided I can’t not mention the instructors’ support, care, feedback and all the work and effort that has been put into the program. I felt safe, supported and understood.”
Valentini, Greece

If you truly believe in the process you will see the difference in yourself. You will leave this program stronger and more independent. The homework really I’m going to add in my everyday life because you can realize a lot about yourself.
Christina, Greece

These 10 days helped us, individuals from different corners of the world to discover vulnerability, care, compassion, and the power of ONE. ONE unite, one group, that we can’t exist without each other. Besides these we’ve shared some crunchy warm meals, sunshine, lost moments in a white desert, nighttime schedules so we can keep our fireplace and team warm and alive, homework, balloons of our life, weights, and many other things. I can only highly recommend this experience to everyone, who’s looking for a positive change in their life. It was a pleasant and intensive surprise to have this experience. It’s a really high-level training that I wasn’t expecting to have here, in the country.
István Molnár, Romania